How to Connect the Soundbar to Samsung TV Using HDMI

Boosting of the TV audio along with the Soundbar can be the best changer of the game for the entertainment of home set up. Along with the big choice of the various cables and connectors, it is not that easy to know what to use in getting the perfect kit. Here we are using the HDMI cable.

Why use the HDMI Cable?

As they are able in carrying the bigger amounts of digital audio data in uncompressed form. The HDMI Cable can easily cope with any kind of sound system from 5.1 to 7.1 sound, and also higher. They will also process with the new cinematic experience just like the DTS :X and also the Dolby Atmos.

Though you will require the connection with the proper port. Most of the HDMI ports on the TVs are input, which means that they are not able for sending anything through the TV. They will only receive the data from where they are in connection.

Tips for the setup for optical digital connections

  • Do the deactivation of the TV’s speakers. From the given TV menu, you can either do the turning off of the built-in speakers, or you can do the selection of the external speaker.
  • If the TV can send the surround sound of digital one formats by the output of optical. Though the soundbar will not be able to decode them and have to set the TV’s digital audio output to the PCM.

Components that are in connection with the soundbar

If you will do the selection in connecting the components to the soundbar, then installation will require much time for it. The soundbar connections of HDMI will guarantee the best quality of sound through the Blu-ray soundtracks and of the other formats of multi-channels. It is because most of the TVs are not able to send the digital sound formats through the output of the optical form.

Tips for the setup of the HDMI connection

If the TV and the soundbars both if they have to  HDMI jack which has the marked ARC that is for audio return channel, the single HDMI cable including version 1.4 or the higher, then that is all which you require. If the TV doesn’t include the HDMI or the ARC input then you must have both of the optical as well as the HDMI connections between the TV and the soundbar. You have to perform the activation of the ARC on the TV.

As you have connected the soundbar to the TV, now you just have to do the completion of the setup. Most of the soundbars have the wireless subwoofer for rounding off the sound. You will just have to take the sure that the subwoofer is plugged there in the wall and is switched in the On position.

In most cases, the soundbar along with the subwoofer of it is there in the factory for working together so that the connection is automatic. Along with the higher end of the models of the soundbar, you will require the activation of the subwoofer through the onscreen setup menu. The Wireless subwoofers can be placed at any location in the room. Just around the 30 feet of the soundbar there. You will even get more of the bass if you will place the subwoofer against the wall or in the corner side.

Cool Tweaks for the Perfect Sound

As the soundbars not only make the sound loud, but it also adds the various other options of adjustments. The given features will help you in getting the most of the soundbar.

  1. You can find put the special process mode for music, movies, games, as well as for sports. All of them will make the sound even more engaging.
  2. If you find trouble in listening to the songs through the background sounds, then the dialog enhancement will make the spoken words easier to understand.
  3. The sync settings will do the removing of any of the delay between the action onscreen and the accompanying sound.
  4. The night mode maintains the volume and stops it from going loud enough so that the neighbors and family members don’t get disturbed when you are watching the TV at late night.
  5. Also, the compressed music enhances the MP3s and the streaming of the music sound which makes it natural and full.

Using Bluetooth for the Limitless Options for Listening

Bluetooth gives the allowance for streaming of the music that you listen in the phone or the tablet to the soundbar. If you are watching a video on the device, then you can stream the audio easily to the soundbar.

Follow the given steps for streaming audio to the soundbar by the use of Bluetooth:-

  1. Do the activation of the Bluetooth on the phone or the tablet.
  2. Now select the soundbar as the form of device which you want to stream there.
  3. Then select what you want to hear there, and click on the play button.

A few of the soundbars, for example, the Sony HT-ST5000 allows for the transmit of TV sound to the pair of Bluetooth headphones or the Bluetooth speaker in the near room.

Follow the given steps for transmitting the TV sound through the soundbar of compatible one to another device of Bluetooth:-

  1. Through the soundbar menu, do the designation of the soundbar as the transmitter of Bluetooth.
  2. Now do the selection of the Bluetooth headphones or the Bluetooth speaker to the device for streaming.

As it depends on the model, the soundbar may be muted when you will transmit the sound through the Bluetooth to the other device or it will continue in playing.

What will Network Capability have besides?

As the soundbar is in connection with the network, you can do the streaming through the different services of music and can also own the PC. You also need to have access to the quick firmware updates for the soundbar. Another best aspect of the capability of network is the soundbars of the same type can work as the form of a wireless multi-room music system.

Soundbars may provide both wired and wireless connections to the home network. The setup of the network connection will depend on the models, as long the soundbar is in connection to the router, the process is more or the less automatic.

Controlling Such Things

As for the basic soundbars which don’t have the advanced features, it makes sense in keeping the use of TV remote. If you will use the connection of optical digital, then do follow the instructions that are given in the manual of the owner for teaching the remote of TV in controlling the soundbar volume.

As some of the soundbars have some of the more features of advanced than the others. The remote controls that come along with them are a bit different. The remote apps and the soundbar remotes give access to the Settings that you may not get from the TV remote.

Wrapping Up!

Here we understood how you can connect the soundbar to TV by the use of HDMI cable. Along with this, we also learned the connection with the Bluetooth. Give a read to this topic and comment on this. Also, read our more topics too.