Check Amercian Express Account Balance By Phone

American Express offers lots of services on their online account such as apply credit cards and much more. The Amex company allows its customer to check their temporary balance or payments by phone. There is a sailing way to check your American express account balance on phone.

The process of checking the balance and payments of the American Express card is quite effortless. To check your balance you’ve to call on American Express customer service to the operator to get your account balance to inquire.

Process of Checking American Express Balance By Phone

The gist of this article is knowing the current balance on your American Express card. Follow the given below instructions.

Step 1:

To get a balance to enquire you’ve to call over this number (l 800-528-4800). It’s the American Express Customer Service contact number.

Step 2:

Enter your American Express Card number when you connected over the line. (The card number given on the front of the card).

Step 3:

You’ve to wait for a while, The customer representative or computer voice assistance pulls over your recent transactions along with balance information and repeats it to you over the cell phone.

Step 4:

In case, if you want deeper information regarding your transactions. You’ve to select the option “Talk to Representative”.

Pro Tips For Readers : 

When you connect with a representative there some important things you’ve to remember while speaking to the representative. If you want more than a month’s transaction history ask the representative to email your transaction history to your email address. If they ask for your ID’s provide them as pictures.

How To Report Fraud on American Express Credit Card

There is a sailing way to report fraud on American Express. You’ve to these step-by-step guides to register fraud complaints on American Express Customer Service.

Step 1:

If you want to report fraud on your American Express Account there is a painless way to do that. Go to Fraud Detection Hub.

Step 2:

Click on Contact Us and follow the given screen instructions.

In case if you receive a suspicious email regarding your American Express account. In this case, you can contact American Express at this email address (