How To Cancel Hulu TV Subscription – Step by Step Guide

how I can cancel hulu tv subscription from my iPhone or computer. Can you show some proper guide!

What is Hulu TV

Hulu TV,  It is more personalized and easy to use to make sure that there’s less between you and the shows you love.
Login: Start with your existing profile or by creating one by entering your basic and payment details. After this login, you will specify on the app what kind of shows, series you’d like yo watch or what genre you’re interested in; to make it easy for Hulu to recommend you some good shows.

With Hulu plus live TV, you can also add channels and your favourite sports teams, turn on the kids’ mode to create a whole new kids profile for kid-friendly shows and movies. Now every time you’ll log in, you’ll see Hulu pics around you and this showcase the best new shows and movies. Next is keep watching so that you can pick up watching any content which from that very point from where you left watching it the previous time.

If you have a live TV subscription you will see TV channels and shows going on. You can also add your favourite channels, shows, movies and stuff to the ‘my stuff’ option. It is your own space of anything. You can search for something specific, you can also search it by the name of some particular actor/actresses. You can search for anything you want to watch. The trending searched lets you check out the top searches from people on Hulu. From below guides, you can easily cancel Hulu tv subscription without hassle.

How To Cancel Hulu TV Subscription

To cancel the subscription your Hulu TV subscription please follow below-given step by step instructions

Step 1:

Go onto on your mobile phone or computer with a computer.

Step 2:

On the website page, on the upper right-hand corner click on the menu option.

Step 3:

Go over and click on the login button.

Now enter your email and password and then click on log in. Now you have made your way to the home page of Hulu.

Step 4:

On the home page, on the upper right corner, click on it where a list appears and click on ‘Account’.

Step 5:

Once you’re on the Manage your account page; you just scroll down it to the bottom and then right at the bottom of this manage account page you should find where it says ‘Cancel your subscription’.

Step 6:

Then go ahead and click on ‘Cancel’ After clicking on cancel it gives you the option if you want to pause your subscription; if yes then for what period. And if you don’t wanna do that then click on ‘Continue to cancel’ button.
Then it will ask you where did it go wrong, basically, in simple words, it will ask you for the reason of cancellation of the subscription.

Step 7:

You just click on any specific reason and then go ahead and click ‘Continue to Cancel’ and then they might offer you some sort of a promotion to get get you to continue with your Hulu subscription.

Wrapping Up!

So, here if you want you can take the offer and not cancel the subscription but if not you can continue and click on ‘Cancel Subscription’. This is when officially your Hulu subscription will get cancelled.  So this is an most simpest way to cancel hulu tv subscription.