How to Block Text Messages on an iPhone

How to Block Text Messages on an iPhone? If you want your phone to secure from unknown people and their messages here is the best knowledge for you to follow for that. Working on your iPhone, you may find that the unwanted texts may also with unknown numbers. They might you and can ruin your life.

Be aware of such people and block them immediately to keep yourself safe. You can easily block by following various steps and procedures. You can also get the number on which you can report such messages. In case, if you want to can also go through step by step guide on how to block unknown calls on iPhone.

You can get the blocking done by following various preferences along with which you also have to be aware of future safety where more people can also text you, and they are unknown to you.

How to Block Text Messages on an iPhone

Here are the given steps which you need to follow in blocking of an unknown text:-

Step 1

Firstly, open the iMessages on your phone. It shows at the green colour app with text shape on it. Click on it to open.

Step 2

Click on the contract number and whose text you want to block on your phone. Find their messages on your app.

Step 3

Now select the details option shown at the upward side of the screen. It gives information about the person.

Step 4

After that, go to the I button which shows the details about the message.

Step 5

Go to the downwards side and then click on the block caller option. This option blocked the person and not be able to send any messages to you.

Blocking on Android Phone

Follow below-given tips to block someone text message on Android device.

Step 1:

Similarly, you can block them on your android too. For that, open your message app and then inbox option. After that, click on the three lines option, which shows on the upward side of the screen.

Step 2:

Now click on the blocked contacts option. It opens the list of the numbers whom you have blocked before. Then go to the adding of number. It enables you to enter the number whom you want to block.

Step 3:

Now type the number in the given area. It blocked the number, and it was not able to text you again. Also, you can block by clicking on that conversation and then on the given three lines. Then following the details and blocking the spam number.