7 Best Database Apps For Android Phone

This article has shortlisted some of the best database apps for android devices. All the application that listed below are free to download and all apps have different features. Moreover, These apps help you to manage the database of commonly on your android phone.

As we all know the cell phone operating systems are growing bigger and bigger and recently Android OS has surpassed Windows OS as the most used operating system globally. Now, apps run DB locally or create a duplicate of DB over the cloud onto local machines and sync in a single day. This helps in the quicker and responsive apps that are useful especially when in case of limited internet connectivity.

Best Database Application For Android Phone

There is multiple database application on google play store and most of them are a scam. They can’t be satisfied with the requirements. However, we have listed out some of the most downloads and reviewed the database app. So you don’t need to worry.


free database for android

Memento Database is an outstanding data management application for the android platform. The application is design for data managing purposes you can easily store different types of data in apps. Moreover, the apps combine fixable features that ensure you for better use.

You can easily customize your data library in this application. The interface is quite easy to use you can create your data list inventory, expenses, income, budget etc. The application is free to download on Google Play Store.

Download: Memento

2. SmartSheet

best data management app for randroid

SmartSheet is a work accomplishment platform that empowers more genuine collaboration and resolution making, accelerating discovery for over 80K leading brands including 75 percent of the Fortune 500 in almost 190 countries.

The app can be used as manage projects, workflows and tasks, collaborate with your team, and maximize productivity. With this app, you can easily access any kind of project with your team without having hassle.

Download: SmartSheet

 3. HandBase Data Manager 

database management app

This is a versatile productivity app that allows the user to perform multiple tasks at the same time. The application is developed by SSD Software you can collect organize, and access your information anytime, anywhere with this database application through your android cell phone.

Moreover, you can also customize options according to your needs. HB data manager helps you to save data of inventory, shopping, billing codes, deliveries, sales number and much more. You can download this app from the Google Play Store for $9.99.

Download: HandBase Data Manager 

4. Easy DataBase

Easy To Database

With the help of this application, you can manage and organize different types of data or information even without internet connectivity. Easy Data enables us to create a list of data such as contacts, supplier list, event, prices and much more. In terms of integration with the help of this app, you can even edit tables or export entire results into PDF files.

Share data list among different platforms such as a computer. Moreover, with this app, you can create a list or entires with media files such as photos or videos and import them into a different database management software like Excel, OpenOffice etc.

Download: Easy DataBase

5. MobiDB Database

MobDB Database App

MobiDB database is a relational database app and with the help of this app, you will be able to design complex relational databases such as OneToMany, ManyToOne, ManyToMany similarities though nested child tables and table relatives.

In terms of integration, the app supports offline database management along with cloud sync. Moreover, the features of this app are outstanding such as it enables collaboration between two devices. This is the best app for field workers because of its features such as Geo GPS coordinates and suits for geologists, archaeologists and etc.

Download: MobiDB

7. ProtoDB DataBase

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ProtoDB Database is just like other database management app. With the help of this app, you can organize and manage different types of information such as Calendar, Work, Account, Grocery, Reminder etc. This app also allows generating a backup file of your database to the cloud. You can also import and export the database files into CSV format into your android device.

Download: ProtoDB

Wrapping Up!

I hope you find this database apps for android useful for your android devices. If you’ve any questions regarding this list feel free to ask us. Don’t forget to share the article with your social account to support others.