10 Best Barcode Scanner App

If you are tired of searching for the best business tool which can scan and explore any code with a numeric counterpart at the bottom then we are here to tell you about the current top 10 barcode scanner applications which are easily available in the Google Play Store.

1. QR & Barcode Scanner (Gamma Play)

QR & Barcode Scanner

This application can be said as one of the fastest Barcode scanners you can get in your device currently. Not only as a barcode scanner, but this application can scan QR codes also with the same functional ability. It can also read a text, URL, ISBN, product, Wi-Fi and many more formats. You don’t need to press any button, take any photo or adjust the zoom because this application does all those automatically.

Get It Now: Google Store (Android) / Apple Store (iOS)

2. Barcode Scanner (Barcode Scanner)

Barcode Scanner App

It is one of the most user-friendly scanners and very fast while functioning. Just open the camera of your phone and point towards the barcode of anything which you want to scan. That’s it, you are done. This barcode reader will automatically recognize the code and tell you about that product.

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3. Barcode Scanner Pro (Geeks.Lab.2015)

Barcode Scanner Pro App

This can be considered as a professional application that provides a very fast and accurate service. A very user-friendly application for scanning, reading and decoding purposes. Besides, you can create your coding from here also. This professional edition barcode scanner can be your most favourite business tool.

Get It Now: Android / iPhone

4. Barcode Scanner (ZXing Team)

Barcode Scanner 2020

This application can be used as an important business tool for barcode scanning. It works flawlessly without any issue. Easy installation in your device and good to go with. It can scan all types of barcodes and can provide you with information correctly.

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5. Barcode Scanner (DNB.apps13)

Barcode Scanner For iPhone

You can try this application for scanning the barcodes. It is a perfect application for the small shopkeepers. You can save data for future use. It can scan data in the billing mode also. A decent barcode scanner for regular usage.

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6. QR Scanner and Barcode reader (QR Scanner Team)

QR Scanner & Reader App


With the camera of your mobile phone, you can easily scan any barcode using this application. After scanning, this application takes you to the web browser for giving you the information about the product.

Get It Now: Android

7. ShopSavvy- Barcode Scanner & Price Comparison (Shopsavv, Inc.)

Price Comparison

You can search for any product via UPC, barcode, and keyword. It will help you in telling the information, matching the prices, etc., very clearly.

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8. Barcode Scanner (AndroidRock)

Barcode Scanner App

It can be considered as the best tool for reading, generating and sharing barcodes as well as QR codes. Not only from the product itself, but you can scan a barcode from any random image also.

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9. Scandit Barcode Scanner Demo (Scandit Inc.)

Scandit Barcode Scanner

A decent barcode scanner for business needs. It provides you with all the necessary information after scanning and reading any barcode.

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10. Barcode Reader (4 Tech Solutions)

Barcode Reader App For Android

If you want a barcode to be read and scanned instantly without any complex procedure, then install this application in your device and start using it flawlessly

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