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In this article we are going to show you how you can perform a secure login into the Army OWA Email service without having a hassle. Firstly you must know what is Army OWA Email and what is benefits and disadvantages. In middle of the October 2019 and Febuary 2020 each person in the Army has the been  migrated to PIV AUTH certificate to use the email services. So everyone in Army no longer use the Email certificated for the Enterpirce email.

Army OWA Email Login – Step by Step Guide

There are some technical terms that you need to understand and perform to access the Army OWA email on your computer such as Mac or Windows. To access the Army OWA Email you needed to install some software on your system to perform secure login.

Step 1: 

Firstly you needed to install the CAC Reader on your computer. In case if you don’t have a USB Reader then you can purchase it from an online store and then install it on your computer.

Step 2: 

Plug the CAC Reader on your computer device and follow the these steps to install the CAC Reader driver on the device.

Windows 10: Go to the Start Menu > Device Manager > Smart Card Readers > Select the small triangle next to the open. So if you’re smart card is listed then move to the next step and install the DOD Certification.

Windows 8.1: If you’re using the Windows 8.1 then you need to follow these steps to perform the driver installation. Go to the Windows Logo and use the search and type Device Manager and open it. Now scroll to the Smart Card Reader and perform the DOD certification installation.

If Driver Not Install Properly

Lots of time there some errors or issues the not allow Windows and Mac users to install certain driver such as Smart Card Reader. Well you can easily able to fix these errors without having a help from any tech expert or customer support service.

Here we are going to explain you how you can fix any error occur during the installation of the driver such as Smart Card or any other.

  1. Go to the Device Manager using the Start Menu.
  2. Scroll to the Smart Card Readers > CAC Reader and right click on it to open Menu List.
  3. Select the Uninstall option from the given options.
  4. After uninstallation, un-pulg the CAC Reader from your computer and wait for few mintues.
  5. Now, again plug-in the CAC reader into your computer.
  6. The reader will start and install it self

Once you completed the Installation process of the CAC Reader driver then move to the next step.

Step 3:

Save the Zip file to the location you prefer on your system. Now once you’ve the zip file downloaded into your computer open it and unzip on your prefer location. After this copy the folder into the new folder, this will unzip the contents.

Update the CAC Reader Driver on Windows

If you wanted to updated the driver then follow these below given steps.

  1. Go to the Start Menu > Device Manager > Smart Card Readers > CAC Reader.
  2. Right click on the SCRx31 USB Reader and choose “Update Driver” software.

Step 4: 

Now you in fourth step you need to install the Department of Defense (DOD Certificates). To access the DOD websites from your computer you needed to install the DOD Certificates on your computer. The InstallRoot will automates the installation process of DOD certificates onto your computer.

Step 5: 

After installation of the DOD Certificates on your system you needed to select the ActiveCient Page or the branch of the military you’re affiliated with to locate the certain download locations and installation instructions. There are different branch of the military including – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Cost Guard and Department of Defences.

After the installation of the DOD Ceriticates you can easily able to access the Army OWA Email from your computer web browser such as Internet Expolrer, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

You need to follow these step by step intrtutions to make changes into the IE adjustments before you perform the login.

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Hopefully you find this short guide useful to know how you can perform login into https // from your computer web browser without having a hassle. In case if you have any questions or queries related to guide feel free to ask us through the comment box. We try our best to response you as soon as possible.