How To Add Music To Insta Story? [2 Methods]

So, how to add music to Insta Story? Instagram is an app that is most in trend nowadays. Almost everybody uses Instagram from teenagers to youngsters to even some old people as well. Celebrities,  YouTubers, bloggers, content creators, artists, etc.

Even a few talented people who belong to like a really mild background have come forward through Instagram by posting their talent over it and getting it to people.

You can also add stories here which are like available for 24 hours for all your followers to get updated with whatever information you have posted on it.

How To Add Music To Insta Story?

Now you can also add music to stories like it is obvious for videos to have sound but other than that you can also add, music to those videos as well and to photos as well.

Now before the Instagram update, there was a very simple way to add any music of your choice to your Instagram stories.

There actually used the dedicated menu before the update right in the section beneath that is at the bottom from where you could add any song or music of your choice.

But it is no more there, so in order to add music now you gotta perform some extra steps but the process is quite convenient and easy to perform.

Two Methods To Add Music To Instagram Story

Now to do the task there are two different methods.

# Method 1 #  The build-in option

The music option within Instagram is really good and interesting.

Step 1:

You just gotta record some video or click a picture or maybe import some photos or videos from you or anywhere.

Step 2:

Then you gotta click on the third option on the top and a pop-up from the bottom appears, and it has certain options but to focus on it has a music option as well. Click on it.

Step 3:

A list will appear in the same option with two categories to either add the song or browse something you have in your head.

Step 4:

There are songs with every genre, mood, occasion, etc. Also, you can add the songs to stories while displaying the lyrics of the song too which gives this extra feel.

Step 5:

You will see all the trending music getting displayed, now you can choose either one of them or just search for the one you are wanting to add up to your story. Tap on it and music of 15 secs will get added according to your choice.

Now the songs available here are quite limited so sometimes, you may not be able to get the songs you want. Also, you will need to have access to an internet connection to load up songs to your story.

So in that case, you can go up for the second option.

# Method 2 # Use Third-Party App Music

In order to have music in the background of a video, in order to do that you gotta have some type of music player like saying Spotify or something like audio mac or wynk or any music player which allows you to play any music that you want in the offline mode.

☆In the case of Spotify make sure you have Spotify premium.

Else you can use any other music player for your work.

Step 1:

Now here you can also add music without an internet connection. All you gotta have is some offline or downloaded music that you can use for the purpose.

Step 2:

Now let’s say for a fact, you have a song selected that you want to put in your Instagram story video.

Step 3:

You just gotta play the song and just let it play in the background, then go to your Instagram and then start shooting any video or whichever place’s video you want just record it with the music playing in the background.

Step 4:

Once you are done shooting the video you will hear overlapping sounds of the music. So just turn the music in the background off and then when you will get your ears on the video that’ll be playing, you will hear the music recorded with the video as it was being played in the background.

Step 5:

You can even scroll hands-free in this particular method and then record more efficiently.

Now, this one is quite the easiest method and it even is worth it to download a song, especially for this purpose as it is just so accurate and perfect with the task and it is just an amazing and super awesome way to do it.

Though the first one is easy too just in case you don’t find the one you are searching for in an Instagram playlist or online then the second one is definitely gonna work.

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