Add Hyperlink In Disqus Comment Box

Disqus is the most successful comment hosting company which allows bloggers and website developers to use its comment box for the daily visitors to give their feedback about a particular article or website in their own views.

There are millions of websites currently installing Disqus comment boxes on their website for visitors like us to give their opinions, but sometimes in your feedback, you have to add a link to show something to the visitors or the author of the article.

You can easily add the link to the comment box without facing any trouble, just the given step-by-step guide with images.

Add Link Into Disqus Comment Box

Step 1 : 

Open the article or web page where you want to post the link on the Disqus comment box

Step  2 : 

Now go to the comment box, and type the link address such as

Step 3 : 

Now hit enter a comment to publish a comment on that article.

I hope from this article you can easily publish comments along with links to any article or website that supports the Disqus comment box. You can Subscribe to Us with your email address for a more interesting article and for hourly updates follow us on the social networking website.