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Daily Archives: August 19, 2022

4 Ways On How To Download Embedded Video

Download Embedded videos from websites, online forms, social network websites, etc But, the searching is not that easy. Here are having few ways for getting downloading embedded videos on your devices. How To Download Embedded Video Users usually spend most of their time on the

What Is TTY Mode? Why Should I Use It

TTY Mode TTY Mode stands for teletypewriter which is the device that is best used by the impaired, deaf, or those who have issues with their hearing. This device is best designed in the initial form for phones of landline. In today’s era, they are

How To Fix Entry Point Not Found In Windows

Entry Point Not Found. If you don’t have the fixation of the entry point, then you have to go for the proper setup of it. Usually, such an error occurs on Windows whenever working there. The main reason behind this is the issue in the