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Daily Archives: July 21, 2022

How to Screen Share on Discord

Screen Share on Discord: Looking for guide on how to share screen on Discord if you friends or family members. If you are playing games of PC in the online form, then you must be knowing Discord. By going through with this article, you will

How to Check Coordinates in MineCraft

Check Coordinates in MineCraft: Minecraft performs the tracking of the location worldwide by the use of a system of coordination. Such coordinates are there in the debugging screen in the hidden form. They are in the computer versions of Mine craft. If you are there

How to Add Checkbox in Word Document

Add Checkbox In Word: Microsoft Word has various purposes and it is not only the application of word processing. You can perform the formatting of the text in various ways and can make business documents in professional form. As with much of the features and

How to Check Screen Time on Android

Check Screen Time on Android: Looking, how you can check screen time on Android or on other devices such as iPhone, Windows, or Mac. As with the discussion that whether screen time is perfect or not, it is available for managing as well as the

How to Enable Command Blocks In Minecraft

Enable Command Blocks: You will not be able to run the game commands in my craft till you have not turned on the required cheats. The game commands give the allowance for the switching between the Survival as well as the Creative game, changing of