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Daily Archives: July 12, 2022

Audio Renderer Error on Windows 11, 10 | Quick Fixes

If you’re Audio Renderer Error. Please Restart Your Computer message when you playing any video on a web browser such as Google Chrome. According to the sources, the number of Windows 10 users reporting this error on different web browsers while playing YouTube Videos. Most

How to Update AMD Drivers | Windows 11, 10

This short guide help you to know how you can update AMD drivers on windows without a hassle. As the AMD drivers should be in the updated form for its proper function and perfect performance. These drivers should be updated in a manual form. Here

5 ways to fix error 1035

Various users are getting the error of error 1035 on their visual voicemail when they give a try for the updating or the setting up of the greetings of visual voice mail. Visual voicemail gives the allowance for viewing the voicemail message that you

How to Remove LavaSoft Web Companion

What is the Web Companion? The web Companion application is the type of antivirus software that is designed for the protection of computers from the infections of malware and privacy breaches. It is in the categorization of the Potential Unwanted Application as per the way