8 Things You Must Know About iOS 10

Apple has announced its new iOS platforms OS software called iOS 10 at recently WWDC 2016 event in San Francisco. Basically, the new Apple iOS software is here for iPhones and iPads.

So if you own an iOS device and going to upgrade it to the new iOS 10 then before this you must know 10 new features of iOS 10. The iOS 10 comes with some new features that will makeover your iPhone and iPad just like a new device.

1. Siri  (Access Third-Party Apps)

Apple voice activation digital assistant app Siri left over the other apps. Apple gives Siri a new life by allowing third-party developers to incorporate Siri into their apps. The company also introduced Siri to Mac. This means now Mac users can connect Siri to there favorite apps that they most used in daily life.

Which now you can use Siri on your Apple Laptops and PC’s to access files and folder using a voice command. The Voice command works well on Apple TV. Now you can run a voice search for RomCom alongside play videos on YouTube.

Apple also said, Users now access third-party apps through Siri to get useful information. Apple is looking to boost iOS 10 usages in iPhone’s for that company roll out a new service from now on iOS 10 users can book a cab using voice command.

Just run Siri and telling it to use Uber or Lyft to get your home or any where else.

2. Apple Music  (Apple Music App Get New Look)

Last year on WWDC 2015 event, Apple introduced Apple Music that allow users to listen music using Apple Music app. Basically it’s live music streaming service iPhone app. After the launched its free trail has surpassed 11 million users in just a few weeks.

Apple at WWDC 2016 has introduced a new look of Apple Music with new graphic design and much cleanness. Apple also make some changes in app such as removing the ”connect” page and introducing new redesigned Library tab, that allow users to quick access to playlist. There is also a new ”Discovery Mix ” playlist based on your listening habits.

3. New Lock Screen (Lock Screen That Includes Widgets )

Yes, you heard right! In iOS 10 there is new screen lock that shows widgets on your iPhone screen when its locked. The feature is already available on Android platform and now its finally landed for iOS users.

The new screen look comes in new design that show you bit information about your apps and shows best app suggestion for you.

4. New Apple TV Remote App

Apple has finally released an updated version of the Apple TV Remote App with iOS 10. The new iOS remote app comes with new features. However, for Apple TV Siri remote is best to navigate controls. But Apple TV remote app has become the second remote controller for games some other purposes.

5. iMessage (Updated with New Features)

After the success of Facebook Messenger, Apple messaging service iMessage has become more of a platform. Now it’s open for developers so they can access information from other apps without leaving the app. Now Third Party access to has access to iMessage so that you can easily send all types of delightful animated stickers to your friends and may be send money via message.

Another biggest update to iMessage is the support of rich links. This means from now on iMessage users can send and receive a rich link with images and headlines from websites.

6. Raise To Wake Up 

Apple has added one new feature to iOS 10 and the feature called ”Raise-To-Wake-Up”. This feature will wake the phone when it is picked up and go to Home Screen.  Raise to wake up feature also influences the Apple Watch on iOS.

In a simple word when you picked up your iPhone the home screen light automatically turns on and you can easily check notification or time on your iPhone.

However Raise To Wake Up feature is available only for iPhone6s, iPhone6s Plus and iPhone SE. Which means that old version of device such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s etc. do not support this feature.

7. Photos 

Apple has make some changes in its Photo App now the app automatically organize the photos for object recognition search also using facial and scene. The aim of the company its to make easier to see all photo according to their categories.

There is also a special map feature that show user where the photo has been taken and when. This feature within the new tab called Moments.

8. Delete Apps from iPhone 

Apple has announced at WWDC 2016 event that now iPhone and iPad user can easily remove apps from there iPhone. Which means you can easily delete iPhone app now can delete unwanted apps from your iPhone such as Stocks and Newsstand.