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8 Things You Must Know About iOS 10

Apple has announced its new iOS platforms OS software called iOS 10 on recently WWDC 2016 event in San Francisco.  Basically the new Apple iOS software is here for iPhone and iPads. So if you own a iOS device and going to upgrade it to

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How to Delete Autofill Information on Mac

The Autofill one of the most useful feature of web browser such as Google Chrome and Safari for Mac OS X. This features automatically fill autofill forms and logins, whether its username, email address, shipping address, password and login ID etc.   In case you’ve


Rumors Say’s iMessage For Android Coming Soon

Apple messaging service iMessage may be soon available for android devices. Which android smartphone users can access iMessages app on android OS and users can communicate with iOS users using android OS devices. However its was not conform officially until now some rumors says Apple


Google has Launched Nearby To Android

Google developers working on its new feature for android device the feature namely called ”Nearby”. Search Engine giant on Thursday  officially announced Nearby feature for all android devices. Bluetooth beacons can communicate devices at low energy of bluetooth. Google has added some new partners for

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