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Lucid Chart For Mac

15 Best Microsoft Visio Alternative For Mac

If you looking for Microsoft Visio alternative for your Mac. Then you’ve visited on right article Microsoft Visio is diagramming and vector graphics application specially developed for visual communication. However, there are some of the drawbacks in Visio program. Visio Microsoft professional version can cost


5 Ways – How To Know Your Mac Has Been Hacked

Mobile network hacking is one of the common issues in these days, but that doesn’t mean your computer is safe from hackers. Sometimes small fly’s searching for free wireless network hacked your computer without warning. If you’re thinking hackers did not hack your computer machine


How to Check Battery Life on Macbook Pro

  Battery Life is one of the most important part of electronic device such as laptops and smartphone. The life of expectancy of macbook battery is mostly depends on the battery cycles counts. Once the battery cycle count reached at the limit set by the

remove java

How To Get Rid From Java on Mac

Java Development Kit can be easily download from Orcal website for Windows and Mac OS X computer machines Java programming on mac only possible by installing Java development kit mac on your mac machine. However, if you don’t like Java and want to remove Java

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