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Check Laptop Warranty

How To Check Laptops Warranty Information Online

When you purchase any product from the store or online you gets its warranty because using warranty certificated you can easily replace your product in case its stop working or damage automatically. However, you must know lots of company doesn’t replace products in some special

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How To Turn off Secure Content on Chrome

When you visited on any secure website that contain (https) in web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (Windows) and some other most secure web browsers. When you’ve opened these secure websites on web browser it display a warning message that basically a

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How To Disable Keyboard on Laptop

  Sometimes you’ve to temporary disable your personal computer keyboard. Recently one of best buddy said ”my dell keyboard not working on laptop exactly keyboard not functioning properly some keys continuously pressing. how to disable keyboard is there is way”. If your laptop keyboard not

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How To Enable Two Step Verification In Gmail

  The two step verification also known as two-factor authentication allow user to add extra layers of network security to their account. You can easily enable and disable Two Step Verification on your google account to secure it form hackers. You’ve have to Sign-in into


Enable IP Routing In Windows 7

Sometimes you’ve travel through your network to another network to determine the path of data follow. In technically language the data is routed from its source to its destination through lots of routers across the multiple internet networks with the help of data digits routing

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