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How To Import All Bookmarks From Chrome To Firefox

When you visit any website and you found the information on that website useful and you want to again visit on that particular website for that purpose you bookmark that website on the web browser you used for daily web browsing. Imagine you using Google

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2 Ways To Get Mac Address Lookup In Windows 10

How To Get Mac Address In Windows 10 In windows, there is a mac address of the device from which you can easily perform lots of tasks. Such as block that particular device  from wireless network or use wifi networking location services with the help

Stop Auto Rotation of Photos

How To Stop Auto Rotation of Photos in Windows 10

In Windows 10 Disable Photo Auto Rotate ?  Recently lots of Windows 10 users facing an issue that is after uploading the photos on any website the photos rotate to 90 degrees. One of this blog reader asked us “how to stop an uploaded photo


How To Sign Out Microsoft Account From Microsoft Edge

How Can I Permanently Sign out Microsoft Account From Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10 So floks, In Windwows 10 one of most interesting program is Microsoft Edge which almost completely take over Internet Explorer. However their are lots of Windows users how facing issue

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How To Change Accounts In Xbox App In Windows 10

How Can I Change Microsoft Account In Xbox App   You can only login into Xbox App with one Microsoft Account at a time. So to sign in with different Microsoft Account you’ve to Sign out current account and follow below-given guides to switch Microsoft


How To Schedule Windows 10 Updates

Just Imagine you’re working on an important document when Windows updates itself and inform you windows going to reboot. All the documents on that you’re are going to waste there is no way to recover them. But you don’t have to worry you if you’re

set opera mail as default app

How To Set Opera Mail as Default App in Windows 10

How Can I Setup Opera Mail As Default In Windows 10 If you’ve recently updagraded your personal computer that running on old version of windows platform to Windows 10. Then in this case you’ve to face some issue because compare to Windows 7 latest Windows

How To Open Control Panel Windows 10

How To Stop Driver Update In Windows 10

How Can I Disable Automatic Driver Update on Windows 10 In Windows 10 it was the way to confusing to  disable automatic drivers update that sometimes becomes problem these updates include security update, feature updates, and some other driver updates. Because Microsoft doesn’t provide a

Create Web Page Shortcuts In Microsoft Edge

How To Create Web Page Shortcuts In Microsoft Edge

How Can I Create Web Page Shortcut Using Microsoft Edge   As much as we all know Microsoft Edge take over Internet Explorer completely that make confusing for lots of Windows users.  In the old version of IE, you can easily create a web page