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How To Use CamScanner App To Send Fax

Nowadays you have to scanner your important document files to upload on the web and for some other purposes. But if you don’t have a scanner in your home than What ? how you can scan a file or image. In these case, there is


How To Capture Screenshot On Android Phone

Now a days, every single person carry smartphone with them because phone you carry can operate lot of function including camera, music, photos, text, messaging, video and more. These all features become important thing in your life.   When wake up in early morning, first


How to Share Files and Folders on Dropbox iCloud Storage

Well known cloud storage U.S based company Dropbox last week announced its surpassed 400 million registration users. But, we talk about how to share a dropbox file and top dropbox alternatives are sharing and file syncing. How To Share Files On Dropbox ? For sharing

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