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3 Ways To Move Files From Mac To External Hard Drive

How To Transfer Files from Mac to External Hard Drive Without Formatting Mac OS X one of the best operating system for apple computers their are lots of series of computer available in Apple Stores. But sometimes performing several task on mac are very difficult


How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Macbook

Mouse Acceleration is a feature that allow mouse pointer to move quickly with smoothness. However some laptop users not find mouse acceleration a useful feature and want to disable it. Lots of people don’t know lot of about mouse acceleration they think its related to


15 Useful Actions Of Automator For Mac

Since in this modern world using computers that reduce the wastage of time and allow machine users to explorer more. However there some third party program allow mac user to perform some task faster and more efficiently on Mac. Apple has develop some programs to


How To Hide Files on Mac Using Commad Lines

  So if you would like to hide files and folder on your Mac OS X device you can easily hide them using some methods. Generally there are two ways from which you can easily hide files on mac. First method is manually hiding files


How To Turn off Trackpad in Mac

How To Do I Get Rid From Trackpad In Mac OS X.¬†   Basically trackpad in mac are used for multi-touch gestures. According to my research all major desktop operating system not work well with trackpad because trackpad work better with OS X because of


How To Disable Macbook Build-In Keyboard

Does Anyone Know How Do I Disable My Macbook Pro Keyboard¬†   Few weeks ago we discuss on how to disable laptop keyboard. Mainly when build-in keyboard stop functioning or user want to use USB keyboard then in this case user want to disable build-in


How Do You Display All of Your Files in Finder

Mac Finder one of the coolest application to open folders and files on mac. However, you can’t access hidden files on Mac OS library using finder and some other folder such as user / bin and /etc. However, there are some method by using them


How To Reset iBook Library on Mac / iPad

Apple iBook offer users to read online book through their mac or windows computer. But sometimes due to some errors you can’t access or open appleibook on your mac. To fix this issue you’ve to reset ibook. In this article we demonstrate how you can


How To Recover Deleted Videos From iCloud

  Apple iCloud one of best online storage service for iOS platformss. But sometimes due to some mistakes or accidentally some peoples delete photos and videos from there iCloud account. Recently I’ve also deleted some my videos from my iPhone 6s from iCloud and after

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4 Ways To Delete Apps From LaunchPad on Mac

Hey Bro Do You Know ” How To Delete Something From Launchpad on Mac” LaunchPad is the iOS application that comes as per-installed in Mac OS X Loin. Basically the launchpad in mac was used to start application the user starts the application by single

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