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How To Disable VLC Plugin From ( Firefox, Chrome, Safari )

  VLC  Web Plugin Disable Controls   In Microsoft Windows,  generally windows users install five most common web browsers,  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini and Internet Explorer. According to the W3Schools report the browsers stats of this year is Chrome (71%), Firefox (17%),

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Best Way To Change Your Ooma Credit Card Info

You can easily change Ooma credit card information free without paying to any fees. In additional there is one more advantage you can update credit card information using your phone or computer through internet connection.   In this article, we demonstrate “how to update Ooma


Best Way To Delete Chegg Account In 4 Steps

Chegg one of the best education website mainly specialized in text books where you can make study online through video tutorials, online books and some other features also available for collage students such as Internship. Mainly Chegg offer almost all student services. But if you’re


How To Online Check Consumer Court Case Status

Consumer Court are setup to deal with consumer cases regarding consumer disputes and grievances. These type of courts are mainly in India, United States and some other countries. The judiciary set ups  by the government to protect the consumer rights and to deal with case


How To Cancel Vystar Credit Union Debit Card

  Sometimes accidentally you’ve lost your debit card or your debit card is stolen by someone. Then the first question comes in your mind how should I block my debit card or how do I report my card lost chase to the card company.  


How To Copy an One Folder to Another Folder In Ubuntu

Ubuntu is basically a open source software platform that runs everywhere using a wireless device. That includes smartphone and tablet and the personal computer (PC) to the servers and clouds. Ubuntu Desktop comes with everything you need to run your computer such as office, web


How To Recover Minecraft Account

How Do I Recover My Minecraft Account Email Address and Password So from reading the above title you’ve understand in this article we show how to restore Minecraft account email address and password in case you lost your password. If you could like to change


How To Turn On Spell Check In Gmail

  Google Mail one of the best mail service offer by google. According to the google report in one day gmail in one day deal with more than one billion mails. That was really great and it all work due to google servers. However, we


How To Remove from Chrome

So friends, I as much as I know totally hijacked web browser homepage and every user want to get rid from it. Google Chrome most popular internet web browser used by million of windows users and lot’s of them facing this malware issue. In


How To Cancel Reservation on Amtrak

How Do I Cancel My Reservation on Amtrak ? Sometimes due some personal reasons people like me and you’ve to cancel reservation of train ticket. In this article, we demonstrate how do cancel reservation on Amtrak. Amtrak is the national railroad passenger corporation, which provide