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Three Tips To Make Your Blog Popular In One Month

  Blogging one of the best things that make lots of people’s life help them to earn money and make them popular on the web. Currently, there are lots of bloggers earning more than Million dollars yearly from their blog and the best example is

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Keyword Guides for Startup Bloggers

How To Find Keywords For A Website Blogging one the best way to express your own views with public without any investment or something like that. It’s also a great way to earn total passive income from home without doing anything. Around the world, there


How To Block Someone on Disqus

Previously we discuss how you can close comments on particular web page or blog post and today we talk about you can easily ban or block anybody publishing scam comments on your website from Disqus. Currently millions of websites and blogs using the disqus comment

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6 SEO Tactics To Boost Traffic, Page Rank And Keywords

Nowadays Blogging become most important part of social networking and education from few year and more than 10 people from 15 have their own blog on different niches. Having a blog is not important, the blog has sufficient traffic is important which allow the blogger


How To Filter Do-Follow Backlinks

Link Building is one of the most important things that a lot of bloggers want from higher authority domains with higher Google page ranks. I always search higher PR backlinks from several domains and various resources.   But, having lots of backlinks will confuse you


Publish Blog Post From Microsoft Word

In this modern world, Blogging becomes the most successful way to earn money or to share your views with peoples with the help of Internet. There are mainly two types of blogger founded in this world one that blog for precision and another is to


How To Request Google To Recrawl Your Website Links

When you published a post or article on your website or blog than after some time Google will crawl that particular articles and index in Google search results which was visible when some body enter the related keywords to that particular post on Google search


Step by Step Guide To Redirect Old Domain To New Domain

A few weeks ago, I posted about how to redirect your old domain to new domain but lots visitors don’t find that article helpful for forwarding domains. Then again I research and found a proper solution for forwarding domain to another domain or sub-domain. You

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