25 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Cooking

Recently, I win a bet of $150 against my best friend for telling the best pumpkin pie recipe and I tell you I literally don’t know about cooking and you’re thinking how I can win a bet with my friends for the best recipe.

The secret is “I learn some of the cooking recipes from youtube cooking channels”. The thing is I live alone and sometimes when I want to cook something delicious food. I open up YouTube and search for some best youtube cooking channels and learn some of the cooking skills.

You’ll also learn cooking through YouTube without taking any paid cooking learns. To help you I’ve gathered some of the best youtube cooking channels in this article.

YouTube Channels To Learn Cooking For Free

YouTube is one of the best platforms to learn to cook online if you busy in office work or anywhere else and if you get a lunch break for couples of minutes you can easily watch cooking videos on YouTube cooking channel.

1 #  Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana


This youtube channel is owned by one of the famous Indian chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. You can easily learn basics of Indian food recipes through this youtube channel. The daily Indian dishes are popular all around the world.

If you’ve interested in Indian food recipes because Indian cuisine is easy to cook. This channel contains almost 47 videos which guide you step by step to cook.

2 #  Hilah Cooking


The Hilah Cooking youtube channel owned by Hilah. This youtube channel guides to cook online food like a civilized human being. Hilah also has written 300 pages of the cookbook “Learn To Cook”.

This cooking channel helps you to learn how to cook, this youtube channel contains different playlists including – Quick Meal, Comfort Food, Fried Foods, Breakfast Recipes and much more.

3# Nicko’s Kitchen


The Rob Nixon YouTube Channel is one of the best youtube channels to learn fast food cooking. This channel is owned by Nicko’s and he claims watchers can easily learn everything from Fast Food clones, cakes and family meals on a budget.

The playlist contains different types of series of videos such as old school food, bitz food, fast food Friday,  On road food and much more.

4 # Stephanie Manley


Through this youtube channel, you can learn several types of food recipes such as olive garden recipes, Appetizers, Beverages and much more.

This YouTube Channel contains more than 300 videos of cooking. Using this youtube channel you can learn lots of recipes with fun.

5 # Wantanmien


The Wantanmien is a youtube channel especially build for Chinese food recipes cooking,  there are a hundred videos of healthy Chinese food recipes.

The channel also has some of the western desserts like (German nut wedges) and much more.  Basically, the videos are in Cantonese but all videos has English annotations. So you don’t have any difficulty to learn how to cook.

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