Best Way To Rest Pokemon Go Username and Password

A Pokemon Go account can only be created by Google Account using google username and password you can easily created a new Pokemon go account on your device. Just to clarify, if you’ve already got an account and it asks you to sign up again, just sign up with the same  google account. Because you can also login into a different device with same Pokemon Go account.

Recently the latest software update of Pokemon Go brings some new features such as “trading”  clause that every user excited about “Cause to number of accounts” to reset once they accept the new teams.

If somebody reached to level 16 with highest Pokemon is a Gold-duck with 1003CP and have best Pokemon to fight psychic, for that person its huge shock to start all over again.

Don’t panic, there is the solution which save you from start over again your game.

How To Reset Pokemon Go Account 

Yes Absolutely, you can easily reset your Pokemon Go account to get back where you’re along with new software updates. To reset your Pokemon go to get back your currently level along with number of pokemon you’ve on your account.

This Pokemon crossover will neither effect your account. Just reset the account and start playing again and find some great Pokemon competitive team builder.

There are three main steps to reset Pokemon Go Account.

  • Delete PokemonGo App from device
  • Delete your Google account data form device
  • Re-Download the Pokemon Go App, Login into your account
  • Deleting The Pokemon Go App From Device
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If you’ve using Pokemon App on your device such as cell phone tablet or iPad. To delete the Pokemon Game application. Tap on the Phone Settings > App Management > Scroll Down > Pokemon Go.

Double tap on the icon of Pokemon go app and then easily tap on the Uninstall button.

Terminating Google Account Data From Device

To remove your google account data from your device. Again go to “Settings” and select “Applications”. Tap on the “Manage Applications” and then select “All” tab.

In next step again, tap on the “Google App” and select “Clear Data” click on “OK” and on the conformation screen. Repeat for “Clear Cache”.

However, if you using Safari and want to clear Google Account on data from Safari, Navigate to the Settings > General > Password. 

In Password search for the tab called ( and click on it. Click on the “Edit” button and then select “Delete” to clear google account data from safari browser.

Re-Download Pokemon Go App on Your Device

Go to the App Store, re-download the Pokemon Go on your device and after downloading install it. Open up the Pokemon Go app – Make sure first time when you try to login into the app if ask you “Birthday” enter it.

Login in to app using the same Google Account you’ve used before. It may asked you to set your location then enable it.

You’re account will be back way it was before.


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