5 Ways – How To Know Your Mac Has Been Hacked

Mobile network hacking is one of the common issue in these days, but that doesn’t mean your computer is safe from hackers. Sometimes small fly’s searching for free wireless network hacked your computer without warning.

If you’re thinking hackers did not hack your computer machine because you’re a small fly no body wants to hack you. That’s you biggest mistake hackers always try to increase IP data base through hacking computer.

When hackers, hack any website or server they generally do it by opening that particular site to million of IP address and hence the server is cash. So you’ve to check if you’re are targeted by hacker or if on your mac their is any backdoor from which you’re mointered.


5 Ways To Check Your Mac is Hacked And Remotely Accessed



If you questioning your self “How to tell If your mac has been remotely accessed” by hackers. If you’ve feeling your computer has been hacked you can easily check it and prevent using simple tools and software’s such as installing a anti-virus on your Mac.

The answer is simple, there some ways from which you can easily determine your computer is hacked.



Can I Tell If My Mac Has Been Hacked


To determine if your mac has been already hacked by hackers you have to know if things. First of all you’ve to spot some sign of possible hacking.

You’ll have to consider whether anything out of the usual is happening on your notebook. You know how your computer runs better then any one else. If you’ve noticed any thing usual after starting your macbook. The weird sign includes.

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  • When you try to open any file but it won’t opened.
  • Any Program automatically starts without running it.
  • You cannot access any file or program protected by password setup by you.
  • When you’re not using your computer but still sometimes its connect to internet automatically.
  • File contents has been change but your not who change them
  • Your Printer not working but all look fine.
  • Wired warring message shows up on screen.
  • Go online and check your online account passwords.


There are lots of signs from which you can easily detect your computer is hacked by somebody or there is an backdoor on your computer which remotely accessed by hacker.


Go online to check your Online Accounts through Private Browser


When you try to login into your online account such as Email Account you see a password failure. If you’re feeling your already hacked then in this case check your online account using private browser. Because private browsing is safe and secure.

You can also notice if your network connection is redirected to another IP address or computer. Lots of small hackers try to hack network to enjoy free internet but they can also remotely control your computer.

When you’re browsing through web browser you may also see an extra browser open up automatically without doing any thing. If you own’s a domain for your website or blog you can access it after getting hacked.


Anti-Virus Stop Working When Mac Computer Has Been Hacked

In Mac if you already installed a anti-virus then this the best thing you’ve done to secure notebook. To find out if your mac address has been hacked. You can easily check it out through scanning your Mac.

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Usually a mac users have to scan its system regularly to know if check anything usual such as torjan virus. Torjan Virus are the virus created by hackers these virus contain backdoor or the spirits and command lines to open hidden gateways on your computer.

If you notice lots of torjan virus on your computer on regular scan its also a signs that your mac has been hacked.



Check All Accounts Created By You on Mac Using Command Line


If you’re thinking how would I know if my imac has been hacked into. Have you notice someone has seen your information and conversation on your computer. According to hackers it is a mac easier to hack than a pc.

There are lots of mac terminal hack commands with the help of which hackers entered into your computer. But you can also use a command line to determine  whether your Mac has been used without your authorization.


Step 1 : 

Login in to your Mac OS notebook using for regular account


Step 2 : 

Click on Applications > Utilities > Terminal


Step 3 : 

In Terminal (Command Prompt). Enter this command line “sudo -l”.


Step 4 : 

Press Enter and then type account password and again press Enter.


Step 5 : 

Again in Terminal type following command line to open up complete list of all accounts created on your Mac.


dscl . list /users


Step 6 : 

Press Enter button

Now you can easily check complete list of account on your Mac OS computer. Check whether any account is created on Mac without your permission. If your mac is hacked there are additional accounts created by hackers.

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Step 7 : 

In this last step, check whether an account is misused by any hacker. Type given following command line on Terminal


Hit “Enter” now you can see each account on Mac last login date and time. Check out if there is an account which recently login without your permission.

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  1. L Schwab says:

    oh my goodness, I really hope that this info you have given above helps… my sister has a mac… and a mean mean husband. today when she arrived home her mouse wouldn’t work… then the mac froze up. next thing, she was contacted by an outside source telling her her mac had a virus an d before she knew what she had done, she lost total control of her mac and the outsider was doing all sorts of things say this and that and finally saying he/she could fix everything for $499. go ahead and give me your cc number now. finally, she stopped and went no further….thank goodness

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