10 Things You’ve To Beware About Toll Road

toll road tax

When you owns a vehicle there are lots of thing you’ve to do to maintain the your car that include car insurance, car maintenance etc. This same goes for toll road tax when you pass through toll road you’ve lots of question on your mind.

In this post, we’ve gathered answers of frequency asked question of toll tax that bumbled in your mind.


1. Do Toll Road Take Pictures of Drivers ?

Toll road system based on advanced technology to stop any criminal activities. Generally almost 99 percent of toll road has CCTV cameras. When an drivers go through toll system then in these process CCTV camera capture picture of driver to Identification.


2. Do Toll Road Take Credit Card or Debit Card ?

When you’re on Toll Plaza there are multiple options of payment. If you’re thinking “can you pay tolls with a debit card or credit card”. The answer is yes or no because the toll payment still made is cash but its more common to pay toll by credit card and debit card.

In additional with most toll systems, motorists may only pay tolls with cash the debit and credit cards are not accepted. However, some toll roads may have toll plazas with ATMs so motorists can stop and withdraw cash to pay tolls.


3. What Happens If You Don’t Have Money at a Toll Booth ?

If you’ll passing to the toll and when check you pocket you don’t have money to pay the toll tax. In this case don’t take panic, you’ve to two options to pay toll you can pay toll tax using credit card, debit and cash. If the credit and debit card are not acceptable then park you vehicle on the edge of the earth. Find the near by Toll Plaza where you can easily find a ATM machine.

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Withdraw some cash from your bank account,


4. Do Toll Road Have Speed Limits ?

Yes every toll road have their speed limit. Recently Texas opened a toll road with 85 MPH which is world fastest speed limit for highways. Every country has its own speed limits as you see on the above world map.


5. Does Toll Violation Affect Driving Record ?

No the toll violation does not affect your driving record. Read out the toll violation and civil plenty announced by Washington State of Department of Transport

The toll violation is a civil penalty, and it will not affect your personal or commercial driver license. No points will be assessed to your driving record and no record of this infraction will be sent to your insurance company. However, if you failed to pay the associated fine, the agency customer service center will notify the Department of
Licensing, and it may affect your ability to renew your vehicle license tabs.

If you don’t have complete information about toll violation first time then read out the toll violation list. If you’re thinking the violation may affect your car insurance or toll road violation insurance. Also check toll violation by license plate.

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