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How To Reset Bluetooth In Windows

How Can I Rest To Fix The Bluetooth in Windows  In laptops there some pre-installed programs that comes as the benefit for user. Bluetooth device is one that feature which comes build-in inside the laptop and some hybrid computers. As we all know laptops runs


How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Macbook

Mouse Acceleration is a feature that allow mouse pointer to move quickly with smoothness. However some laptop users not find mouse acceleration a useful feature and want to disable it. Lots of people don’t know lot of about mouse acceleration they think its related to


15 Useful Actions Of Automator For Mac

Since in this modern world using computers that reduce the wastage of time and allow machine users to explorer more. However there some third party program allow mac user to perform some task faster and more efficiently on Mac. Apple has develop some programs to


How To Find Hardware ID in Windows

Sometimes you need to locate hardware ID to resolved some issues such as if you them to some command line to enable or disable any device on your computer. You need a  device ID pattern. In this article, we demonstrate how you can easily found