5 SEO Hacks To Boost Organic Traffic on Website

There are some important tactics that helped website owners to boost their site  Google organic search ranking.  But lots of company owners hire SEO company that deliver backlinks some poor SEO company build bad backlinks that reduce owners website google ranking and their also some other factors on which website google rank depends and that are Organic Traffic, Organic Keywords, Great Contents, High Quality Backlinks.


SEO Traffic

In this article we going to discuss how to use Organic Keyword and Organic Traffic on web pages. If you’ve know proper SEO guides than you can easily boost your website ranking and search traffic in fewer weeks.

Check out 5 smart ways to boost your website SEO in proper way to increase organic traffic along with

  • Proper Use of Organic Keywords
  • Build Organic Keywords Database 
  • Increasing Organic Traffic Search Ranking
  • Removing Bad Backlink’s from SEO Tools
  • Choosing Right Web Hosting Service


Properly Use of Organic Keywords 

So, as you read above the main topic of this post, increasing organic keywords and to do that you’ve to must know where to find high quality keywords with great traffic. First of you must know there two types of keywords – informational , commercial , navigational and transactional.

Informational keywords are those keywords which has great search volume. Mainly this keyword use to get information people searching for information. for example before buying any product any person want to know about all information and customers feed backs.

Keyword Example : How, Product Review, where etc.

Commercial keywords those words that boost your website revenue rapidly. These keywords bringing new customers to your site. Mainly these keywords are paid keywords used by company to related to niche. For example if you own food niche than commercial keyword for that niche are food types.

Transnational keywords are words used on commercial sites compare to other keyword types this keywords gives for targeted people. Who interested to buy products or services. Basically when someone already search about the product and planning to buy the product. For example if you want to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone than transactional keyword is ‘Buy Galaxy S7’, for sale, subscribe etc.

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Navigational keywords are words used for brand name or company name. When someone search brand name on google then that company name or brand name is navigational keywords.

So, know you probably know about all four types of keywords, but until now you don’t know which type of keyword you should use on your website.
In my previous article I tell you about How to use Keyword Research to build successful blog in fewer time.

According to the my research, I’ve found that using keyword related to niche but there is one keyword which is used on all types of niche and that was Commercial keywords. Basically this keyword use to increase website online earnings and organic traffic and you can easily find them on keyword search tool.

You should use Information Keyword and Commercial Keyword on your blog. Because with the help of information keyword you get high search volume and commercial keyword deliver targeted visitors on your website along with organic search traffic.



Building Organic Keywords Database


One of the hardest think that every blogger has the number of keywords on their website. You can easily find out keywords database of your website. Use Ahrefs SEO Tool to find out number of keywords. Type your website URL and filter. (as shown in screenshot).


As you see on above screenshot ehow.com one of the most popular How-To-Guides platform have 9565,165 keywords of U.S and almost 13 million total keywords. In which U.S States are most important because those keywords deliver high CPC Clicks and unqine visitors.

So, basically all you’ve to do is to gather organic keywords to boost your site google ranking along with organic traffic. To increase organic keywords database you’ve to publish great content and which you should use keywords related to the article you’re going to publish.

But the main issue is, how to find perfect keyword for post. Google keyword planner one of the best keyword search tool from where you can find high search volume long team keywords.

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Go to Google Keyword Planner and type the keyword related to the article you are going to publish. For Example ‘I am writing about cell phone then I’ve to search about keyword related to it and those keywords are ‘best business cell phone’, ‘cheap cell phone’ ‘brand new cell phone’ etc.

In single article you can add more than 50 keywords however the keywords depends on the word limit of article. So, if you’re writing article of 250 words you must almost 10-40 keywords.

On web there are some other popular keyword search tool available which more reliable such SEMRush, Keyword Explorer.


Increasing Organic Traffic Search Ranking 

Boosting traffic on website always hard for every blogger or website owner. Because there are various ways to get traffic such are getting SEO, Publishing Great Content, Building Backlinks and some other. But it way to hard for lot’s blogger to get organic traffic to their website.

To get organic traffic, first of all you’ve to know about it Organic Traffic is that traffic that comes from search engine. When someone search with an keyword and that listed on your site search engine shows it. So basically to increase organic traffic you should increase organic keywords. Which people mostly search on google and some other search engines.

But there is also one more think that increase your website organic traffic that is Google Ranking. If you’re website have better google search rank than you site get better traffic. If your website rank increase then organic traffic it self.

So, to increase your website google rank you’ve to optimize SEO on your site. The best way to do that by build high quality backlinks, removing bad backlinks, remove waste tag or HTML codes, generate Mega Tag and some other.

But fastest way to increase your organic traffic and google rank you have to increase backlinks on your website. To build you’ve to post comments on others websites and leave your site link in comment such as ”check out my blog {Link} its a blog about Cell Phone Reviews’.

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How To Remove Bad Backlinks From Website 

Removing bad backlinks comes in the process of optimizing SEO on website. There are some backlinks on your website reducing your google ranking and organic traffic and you know about it. First of all I will explain you what are bad backlinks ?

These types of links has low quilty of traffic and their PR are also low along with URL ranking and domain ranking. You must get new backlink before checking its PR rank, URL rank and DR rank. So sometimes you hire any SEO company to get backlinks and there are some SEO company who deliver bad backlinks to its customers along with some  HQ backlinks.

If you don’t know how to many backlinks their website has then use this SEO Tool.

Now when you find out number of backlinks on your blog you have locate and remove bad backlinks from those. To do that you’ve use any SEO tool that gives complete information about backlinks. I recommend you to use Asher SEO Tool. It was easily to find bad backlinks in it.


Host Your Blog To Best Hosting Service

There are more than 50  benefits of using a web hosting service on your website to grow traffic rapidly in short time period. But the question is how to choose best hosting service ? If you in blogging world then if was way to hard for you to find out which one is best web hosting service for website.

There are some important points you must check out before hiring any hosting service for your website.

However there are some web hosting service that working well on billion of websites and small business. The BlueHost well popular web hosting service that provide multiple features to websites.

I highly recommend website owners to host there websites on BlueHost because there are 7 reasons why you host your website to bluehost.


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