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How To Change PayPal Business Account To Personal

PayPal one of the most popular online money transfer service. It’s available almost more than half world for online money transfer. However, Paypal offer its user to have two accounts types Business Account and Personal Account. A PayPal business account used to sell online products


How To Clear All YouTube History In iPhone

How To Completely Clear History In YouTube YouTube one of the best online video streaming service. You can easily watch videos on YouTube through android device and iOS device using Android app and iOS app. But, after watching lots of video on YouTube iOS app

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How To Recover Password In Betheda

If you’ve forgotten the password of your Betheda account and want to recover it.  You can easily recover password of your account if you follow given below steps guides.   Step 1 :  Go to Password Recovery web page Step 2 :  Enter your username

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How To Change Phone Number in Dropbox

Dropbox one the best data storage cloud  platform where you can upload and download your photos, videos and document. What you do if your Cell Phone was stolen. The first thing many cell phone owner do is changing the phone number on their online accounts.


How To Reset iBook Library on Mac / iPad

Apple iBook offer users to read online book through their mac or windows computer. But sometimes due to some errors you can’t access or open appleibook on your mac. To fix this issue you’ve to reset ibook. In this article we demonstrate how you can

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How To Turn off Secure Content on Chrome

When you visited on any secure website that contain (https) in web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (Windows) and some other most secure web browsers. When you’ve opened these secure websites on web browser it display a warning message that basically a