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2nd Gen Moto 360 Get $50 Price Cut In US

  Motorola well know wearable device Moto 360 and Moto 360 Sport addition received $50 price cut in United State market. Previously Moto 360 available for $400 and Moto 360 Sport for $300. But now you can purchase Moto 360, 46mm variant with metal band


Google Labeling Apps That Shows Ads

Now when you’re going to install new app from Google Play Store to your android device. Just before downloading the app. See a label named ‘contain ads’ at the left side of the download button. Because google now labeling apps which contain ads. On Google

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How To Change Facebook Page Name

Facebook Page one of the best things to get followers if own a website or some kind of business. Currently more than billion facebook users own its there personal facebook page. So when you’ve create you own facebook page you’ve have to select category of


How To Delete Saved Locations on Google Maps

Google Map one of the most important and useful platform to navigate the locations and directions and places from device such as cell phone and computer. Sometimes you’ve forget the final destination where you want to reach but with the help of google map current


Enable IP Routing In Windows 7

Sometimes you’ve travel through your network to another network to determine the path of data follow. In technically language the data is routed from its source to its destination through lots of routers across the multiple internet networks with the help of data digits routing