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Google Announces It Shut Down Picasa

Google Finally Shut Down Picasa Due To Google Photos Google finally decides to shut down Picasa well know photo uploading platform, Last year Google launched its own Photo uploading platform Google Photos, which replace all photo uploading platforms but google also owns Picasa. Today Google

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Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi Phone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi redmi series cell phone was becoming popular day by day and million of redmi users facing some problems related to internal storage. When your redmi smartphone internal memory competently full with apps, videos, games and photos than you have to remove

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How To Send Photos In Yahoo Messenger

    Yahoo Messenger was web application same as other social networking messaging service such as WhatsApp. You can enjoy lots of service offer by Yahoo Messenger to its users, you can easily installed it on your computer or in your cell phone and start

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Set Animated GIF Wallpaper On Windows 10

Currently, more than 200 million computer users upgraded their devices to Windows 10 that comes with some additional features compare to previous windows. I research a lot about using animated GIF images as a wallpaper in Windows 10 and finally I come across software that