Three Tips To Make Your Blog Popular In One Month


Blogging one of the best things that make lots of people’s life help them to earn money and make them popular on the web. Currently, there are lots of bloggers earning more than Million dollars yearly from their blog and the best example is CarAdvice a blog about cars which is founded by Alborz Fallah in 2006 and currently, this blog makes more than $3 Million yearly. Read the full case study of Alborz.

If you new in blogging then you must know what you must know to start a successful blog first of you have to choose the platform from which you start blogging there are two popular blogs hosting platform WordPress and Blogger.

Both platforms offer some service and feature which helped to build a blog without any trouble if yo confuse in choosing the blogging platform or you using blogger for your blog then you must know the advantages and disadvantages of  Blogger and WordPress. To know more about blogging read  (How-To-Blog) articles.


There are two types of bloggers first how to build a blog to share information and the second type of bloggers how to build a blog to make money in short time, but you can make money with sharing information via your the blog if you know the proper way.


Important Things To Build Successful Blog In Short Time 

There are lots things which helped you to build a blog in short time period but to make money in short time is a big question forever blogger. Although several bloggers making lots of money with just 6 months or 1-year-old blog.

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It was not too much difficult, you can also make your blog popular with few tricks and tips. Now come to the point there are some things which make your blog popular in less time without any trouble.


Things are listed below.

  • Number of Keywords 
  • Great Contents on your Blog
  • Monetize your Blog

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These three golden things will make you blog in short time.

So, you can easily write high-quality content on your blog just remember if things when you going to write the new post on your blog.


  • Write more than 500 words post 
  • Change default URL to short URL before punishing the post
  • Only 1 Heading header on your post 
  • Give Space on ever paragraph
  • Put number of internal URL in post


There are some other things which I will explain you in my next article. I hope this article will helped little to under how you can build popular blog in short time.

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