Monthly Archives: June 2015

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HTC announced its soon start Producing cell phones in India

Taiwan based cellular phone manufacturer HTC, announced its soon start manufacturing its smartphone in India. Recently Samsung and Sony also released statement that it also soon setup manufacturing plants to produce smartphone in India. google_ad_client = “pub-5499192087952683”; google_ad_slot = “9813640455”; google_ad_height = 1200; ad =


OnePlus 2 Arrive With Fingerprinter Sensor

One of the best Chinese cell phone manufacturer OnePlus which recently announced its going to launch its new flagship cellular phone “OnePlus Two“on 27th July.  Also Read :- OnePlus Conform Its Next Flagship OnePlus Two Arrive on 27th July Before the launch lot of sources


Facebook Lite Android App Goes Official In India and Philippines

In middle of this month Facebook announced its new android app “Lite” which aimed at developing market. Today Facebook introduced this lightweight app in India and Philippines. google_ad_client = “pub-5499192087952683”; google_ad_slot = “9813640455”; google_ad_height = 1200; ad = document.getElementById(‘google-ads-1’); if (ad.getBoundingClientRect().width) { google_ad_width = ad.getBoundingClientRect().width;