Facebook Want From User’s To Play More Games

Facebook improve games section for user the App Center it was launch by Facebook  2 years ago for users entertainment and for time pass. 

Today Facebook unleash a news that they change the design of App Center for better access and play this updated version of App Center show lots of games in series. Facebook teaming up with Zynga and want to turn it into a company this company is based in Asia and its like other company for example WeChat and Line.

Facebook going to back in Mobile Phone by Zynga in gaming world just like Line it offer about 30 games to user and it get more than 400M download’s because it have Around 500 to 600 user’s till now and moving forward for next goal.

Facebook’s App Center Redesigned, Game-Focused http://t.co/zgW86Av9zB via @allfacebook
— Emeric Ernoult (@eernoult) June 28, 2014

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