CNBC Host Talk About Apple CEO Tim Cook And Out’s A Gay

One of the CNBC Co-host outed the Apple CEO Tim Cook sexuality in live television. Mr. Simon Hobbs join the CNBC since at 1998 on last Friday he accidentally out the these word  for apple CEO.
This is a Unique segment on Squawk when New York Times columnist Mr. Jim Stewart talking about the CEO of Oil Giant’s (BP) Mr.John Browne who leave the BP in 2007. Stewart accident said about Tim Cook and after some time he refused. He says i refuse to conform the Tim Cook Sexuality and he also said I don’t want to say anything about the Tim Cook gender he might or might not be a gay.


Oh no! During a live telecast on CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook was outed as gay:
— Us Weekly (@usweekly) June 29, 2014

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