California Allow The Use of Bitcoin Currency And Some Different Currencies

Recently Apple, also allow Bitcoin currency Apps in Apple Store’s by following the new policy’s .

California Form today the use of Bitoin currency is Legal in California Conform by Governor Mr.Jerry Brown who signs the Legislation bills and one of them is A129 “Lawful money.” Which allow citizens of  California to use the Bitoin’s any where in California.
Assemblyman Roger Dickinson said that in this growing economy use of different currency have to legal for example Amazon Shopping site also provide different paying  options for buyer so we don’t ignore the growing usage of different Currencies.
Brown also signs some different bills like AB 2130-Retail food safety, AB 2230-Insurance for Workers which signs byAssemblymember Ken Cooley and much more bill.

The LaTimes , TheNextWeb and some other news websites also post about it.

Bitcoins get legal recognition by Gov. Jerry Brown, and food handlers can take their gloves off
— Bitcoin Info (@bitcoininfo) June 29, 2014

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